Property Videos

For our Property Videos we offer 5 different options.

  • -60 Second: $650 inc GST
  • -90 Second (most popular): $795 inc GST
  • -Story Line: starting at $1100 inc GST
  • -Prestige, up to 3 minutes: $1500inc GST
  • -Big Ideas, priced by negotiation

*Drone footage starts at an additional $275 or $750 depending on the flight restrictions or each location.

Please note, these prices are for Property videos only. Corporate videos and Profile videos require significantly more time to produce and are charged at a rate negotiated for each project


Big Ideas, how much do you want to spend?

This is an example of our high end property video. Productions of this nature are priced according to the clients needs and wants. We can do pretty much anything you want, so if you have big ideas and a budget to match, lets talk.

60 Second Property Video

Our 60 second property videos are great for apartments/town houses and small homes where you are only showcasing the property and not the suburb. Priced at $650 inc GST. Drone component extra $750.

90 Second Property Video

Our 90 second property videos are the most popular option. It gives you plenty of screen time to show off the property and the surrounding areas, such as cafes, shops, schools and public transport . Priced at $795 inc GST. Drone component extra $750.

Story Line Property Video

This style of property production allows you to get a stronger viral interest in your video. With a story, a gag or interviews you can create an emotional attachment to the property and get your digital audience talking about and sharing your listing. These videos take longer to prepare, longer to shoot and longer to edit so the cost is variable and dependant on how big your idea is. Prices start at $1100 inc GST and go up depending on the work required. Drone component extra $750.

Prestige Property Video

Prestige Property Videos run for up to 3 minutes, and is what we would normally do for a large or prestige property.  $1500 inc GST.

If there are no UAV flight restrictions at your location we may decide to shoot drone  footage at no extra cost. If you want drone footage and there are UAV flight restrictions , then a separate drone team is required at a cost starting from $750.

Big Idea Property Video

If you have a client that says I want to spend $5,000, $10,000, even $20,000 on their property video, yes we can. A production like this one you see here costs about $7,000 inc GST.