About Us


We have produced over 5,ooo on-line videos,  and have over 20 years experience working on TV commercials, feature films, TV series, Corporate videos and Property videos. Through all that we’ve learned a thing or two about how to get things done in the best and most productive possible way. On-line videos need to be low cost, high quality and fast turn around. We strive to achieve the best balance between these 3 .

If you know what you are doing you’ll also know you can do it better. More that 20 years ago one of my cinematography mentors said: “it’s all about attention to detail” That stuck with me, so every shot we shoot and every edit gets examined before it’s sent out in the final production. Is the framing right? Is the exposure right? Does the cut work? is the audio right? Does the music work? and most importantly, What could we have done better?.

Our maxim is “remember your audience, respect the product”. We produce our videos with empathy for the people viewing it: What do they need to see? will this hold their attention? Does the video pay them back for the time they took to watch it? Is the video about the product, not us?